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Worcester is back!

Yes, I have Worcester's P25 system up and streaming. You can now also tune to individual talkgroups if you want.
The system is now using SDRTrunk and three RTL-SDR USB dongles. SDRTrunk is a great piece of software which accesses the SDRs and decodes the trunking data as well as P25 audio. It also encodes the audio to Icecast streams. I have many streams configured and based on talkgroup being received, it is queued to the appropriate streams.

Important note: This works differently than a traditional scanner. The SDRs are able to listen to not just one frequency at a time but a band or continuous portion of the radio spectrum. Because of this ability, SDRTrunk can receive multiple conversations at once! The result is you will not miss anything if there are multiple conversations happening at the same time. Instead, the software queues them up and send them in order. Because of this you might hear a conversation that sounds like it was interrupted by some other conversation. It was not interrupted, they just occurred at or nearly at the same time. This takes some getting used to but I think it better because you do not miss anything. You can also opt to just listen to PD, FD or an individual TG as shown on the home page.

Springfield is now using an encrypted P25 system so it's not possible to monitor them at this time.

As always if there are any questions or if you have a request for a particular TG that is not presently streamed, let me know


Springfield has switched to a digital system (P25). As a result, the Springfield stream is down indefinitely. In order to bring it back, I would need to purchase a compatible digital scanner (like a Uniden BCD996XT/P2 or similar). I am considering advertising, pay-for-access, and donations to get this in motion. Please respond to the poll on the homepage to indicate whether you would be willing to pay for access to the site. These results will help me decide which path(s) to take. Of course donations are gladly accepted and if you do donate, you would be exempt from paying for access.


The Worcester system is now running at a new location in the city. The previous site had become unavailable so I had to move it. For a few days it was running from outside the city and, even with a 6-element yagi, the signal was poor. I'm happy to say it's sounding quite nice now.

For the Springfield listeners out there, I hope to have something going fairly soon for that system as well. The problem right now is that there is a new server which does not have a built-in sound card and the USB soundcard that I have will not work properly under Windows 2008R2. I either need to find a way to make that work, or put an additonal server there. Stay tuned...




The Worcester receiver has a better antenna system, so transmissions should be much clearer.

Also, to cut down on people randomly changing the scanning options, you must be connected to the stream (listening) to make any changes.

Separating the the Police & Fire is starting to become a reality, but I need some cash to get another radio, preferably a BC780XLT. They seem to be less than $200 on ebay. Please donate some $$ if you can.


Springfield is back online with Police & Fire. Soon it will be interactive and have more capabilities.
Stay tuned.


OK, so it's been a while since an update...
You can now select what you want to hear! That's right, what is currently scanning is now displayed on the main page. You can also choose between Police, Fire, and Police&Fire. I may add more options, what else do people want to hear? Let me know.

Keep in mind that this changes what EVERYONE hears, not just you. I realize that this may result in some back-and-forth 'fights', but hey knock yourselves out. I just coded this feature and haven't really tested it so let me know if something seems to not be working right. Comments?

Springfield...yes, it needs to be fixed. I'll hopefully get to it this or next weekend. I'll update when it's done.


A home for the Worcester system has been found!

Also, the Shoutcast server for the Worcester system has been upgraded (v.1.9.2) due to some difficulties I was having with the older version (v1.6.0). Listeners will now notice about 1-2 minute (yes, I know it's a long time) delay. The Springfield primary server is still using version 1.6.0, which is close to real-time (5 secs).
Here's the breakdown:

http://njctech.com:2828 - Worcester Primary Server
http://sgs.njctech.com:2828 - Worcester Secondary Server
http://sgs.njctech.com:9000 - Springfield Primary Server
http://njctech.com:9000 - Springfield Secondary Server

You can access these directly, or if you just click the .pls links on the homepage, the primary and secondary servers will automatically be loaded (in Winamp).


Backup servers are in place with a neat little bonus perk. Let me explain:
Each link to Springfield or Worcester is a playlist with 2 entries. The first is the primary and the second is (heh) the secondary. This is good if the primary is full, it will automatically dump you to the secondary. ALSO, the secondaries have about 1 minute or so of delay from real-time, whereas the primaries only have about 5-10 seconds. So if you are on the primary and happen to miss something, you can connect to the secondary and hear it again. I have found this to be particularly useful when I'm listening while doing other stuff and not really paying attention.


Changed the stream bitrate from 16kbps to 8kbps for the Worcester stream because internet throughput to the encoder machine has been very bad lately. Hopefully this will help the situation and the audio will still be intelligible enough to listen to. As many of you may have noticed, the stream was breaking up and constantly rebuffering. That was not due to anything on your end, that was because of this problem. It should be better now and I AM STILL LOOKING FOR A LOCATION FOR THE WORCESTER EQUIPMENT (see below).


Springfield is now streaming! The frequency list can be found here. Springfield PD comes in noisy and has (what sounds to be) PL tone hum pretty bad. I don't hear it on the FD (PD is 156.7 Hz and FD is 82.5 Hz). I'll try to change at least the antenna soon. I'm looking for a different receiver to use, as the one there is old and has some issues. Until then, it should be fine, it's not that bad.


Well I hope to have a stream up and running for Springfield PD&FD, as well as intercity for the area, by tomorrow night. I just have to set the equipment up out there and it should be good to go.

<see above for latest news>


The Worcester stream only has a couple months left unless I can find a new home for the equipment! If anyone reading this knows of somewhere that:

1) Has broadband internet access
2) Can receive the Worcester system
3) I would be allowed to locate it at (for free)

If I can't find a place, I will have to take it off the air. I don't want to do that, and you don't want me to have to do that :)

Also, I have upgraded my internet service to a plan with a faster upstream which will allow for more simultaneous connections (and not suck up all of my bandwidth!!). Of course this costs $$. Please donate if you can. There's a link on the homepage or you can contact me direct.


Everything has been running smoothly. The antenna was moved a while back and the signal strength is better. I usually have Worcester PD & FD streaming 24/7. I am currently working on a listener database where everyone can register and leave some comments, etc...
If anybody would be interested in helping test it out when I get to that point, email me.


GOOD NEWS! The Worcester stream is back up, temporarily. As of right now, it is up but the antenna just needs to be relocated. Also, I have changed the stream from windows media to SHOUTcast (Winamp). This method uses less bandwidth and is more efficient. You will need winamp to listen (www.winamp.com). Mostly I will be just broadcasting Worcester Fire, but at times I may also put on Police, and perhaps even MSP if something is happening. I can control the scanner remotely (BC780XLT).

The scanner is in Worcester and is sending a single stream back to njctech.com. From there, it is distributed to all listeners, minimizing the bandwidth usage on the worcester system. The only thing left to do is mount the duck antenna remotely closer to the window (it's fading in and out right now and gets annoying). I will update when that is complete.

Also, this is just a temp fix. I still want to continue with the wireless LAN project in Berlin. I have found some other locations in Berlin that I can receive Worcester full-quieting with the handheld! So if I can find someone there with an internet connection, then that is also a viable option. If anyone knows anyone in this area that might be able to help or if anyone has any comments or suggestions, let me know: njc@njctech.com.



Not much new, but I figured I would give an update...
I now have (2) 24dBi parabolic antennas. I also have about 70 ft of Belden 9913 RG-8 style coax. I need to find some male N connectors to mate with the antennas. I am going to be mounting the antenna at my end out the window. I have a few ideas as to how to go about it with the least intrusion to the house. I still have to modify my router with a connector in place of the stock duck antennas. Also, I haven't decided whether or not to buy a wireless access point to put at the remote location or to just use the PC I put there as a proxy/router (I want to give Tom internet access through me as a 'thank you' for all of his help). If anyone has any ideas, input or suggestions, or wants to help, let me know - njc@njctech.com.
Thanks, Nick


UPDATE!!! - Tom, KA1POP, who lives up the road is generous and nice enough to let me put a computer and a scanner at his house and antennas on his tower. He is 0.30 Miles away which is about 1600ft. I am going to try to set up a wireless LAN link over 802.11b. It may be a little difficult due to some trees in the way. I have purchased wireless equipment and two 26dBi parabolic antennas are also on the way. I'm gonna need to buy coax that is about $1.00 a foot. I could use any donations that anyone could spare to help with this. Already I have spent about $400. I'll probably spend at least a few hundred more before it's finished. Then, if it doesn't work, I may need amps/preamps. I'll keep you posted. Anyone that wants more info or wants to help, contact me: njc@njctech.com.
Thanks, Nick


I put a discone in the attic. It's connected to the BC780. If anybody out there can receive the Worcester trunked system from your location, let me know njc@njctech.com. I want to look into putting together a remote stream for Worcester.


Here's the deal. I have moved from Worcester, MA to Berlin, MA. I just got the internet service connected. The problem remains in receiving the Worcester trunked system. It seems as though I'm in a low spot. I plan on building a high-gain loop yagi style antenna. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for antennas, please let me know (njc@njctech.com)5/6/2002. I have not yet started on anything and I'm still researching what would be best. The best performance has been with a 1.2 GHz duck antenna on a small hill in the backyard. The signal was unreadable, at best. I could however find a few spots. Also, not more than 1/4 mile away, I can receive full quieting. I have not tried any other antennas as of yet. Also, I do not own the place, so I can't go crazy with antennas. I have not yet asked about putting something on the roof. I would rather have it well thought out first.

Well, that's the situation. For those of you that use the website as a portal to other streams, you should be unaffected. E-Mail and other network services are all back online.

If you've read this far, you obviously have some interest in what I do. I am considering streaming audio for what I can receive in the meantime. I can still receive MSP Troops B, C, A, H, E without any problem. Also local PDs/FDs. Let me know what you think and if there is anything in particular you would like to hear on here, I'm all ears.



Did the Squelch mod to the PRO-92. MUCH better. Before it was way too coarse.
Its an easy procedure. Just solder a 3.3K Ohm resistor (or so, I used a 3k) across the squelch pot.
That's it!

Also got a PRO-2067 as a gift for someone for Christmas.
I've been testing it myself and growing a little attached. It's a good unit.
Pretty much a PRO-92 but mobile...Everything else is compatible (software, etc).


Now the tasks are:
1) Figure out how to "steal" the data going to the LCD on the scanner and make the computer decode it,
thus being able to send a live image of what is being received synched with the audio
2) Figure out how to control the scanner remotely, like lock/unlock certain banks, etc without being on-site

Also on the list:
- BLUE LED mod. The stock light sucks.
- What is that 4-pin accesory connector used for by the DC power connection (inside)??
- Jim has a PRO-92 service manual coming soon (today?!) and I hope to figure out a lot of cool stuff

Check back frequently, as I plan on documenting everything.


I added a box around the java applet and figured out how to make the background black.
Java is useful, but confusing as to which class to use for certain functions.


The Java applet is working!

Now the window displays what services are currently in the scan sequence. Right above the player.
Of course this is all manually operated, so if I forget to change it, it will be incorrect.
I set the refresh rate to every 60 seconds. I figure that's good.

About the scanner

The scanner is a PRO-92. It is programmed with Worcester Police, Fire and the Mass State Police Trunked system. In addition, it scans Shrewsbury PD/FD, Oxford PD/FD, W. Boylston FD, and Auburn PD/FD. Any one of these could be locked out at any time without update to the status screen.
Unfortunately the antenna is just the stock rubber duck on a suction cup mount on my window.